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Your economical warehouse in Sierre, Valais. We offer modular and flexible solutions, starting from a single pallet, also including flammable materials.

A modern warehouse built in 2019, BLOOM epitomizes the pinnacle of efficiency and safety for storage. Its concrete structure with intermediate insulation not only provides strength but also ensures a controlled thermal environment through heating or cooling by heat pump.

Safety priority is evident in every detail. Sprinklers throughout the storage hall ensure a rapid response in emergencies, while pallet racks compliant with seismic standards ensure structural stability even in adverse situations.

With a capacity of 650 pallets, BLOOM warehouse offers extensive storage space, maximized through the use of racks and strategic placement of sprinklers in the center of racks. Operational efficiency is further enhanced by the retractable mast forklift, allowing quick and secure access to each zone of the warehouse.

BLOOM combines the strength of its structure with advanced technology, creating an ideal environment for modern storage, where safety, efficiency, and capacity are seamlessly integrated.


Ecoparc de Daval A3
3960 Sierre, Valais


+41 79 559 32 28



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